Kom Lang Satrey ‘Power Women’ – NCA

Project Title: Kom Lang Satrey (‘Power Women’) Genre: Dance

NCA uses the pioneering artistic approach of fusing traditional Aspara dance with con- temporary influences. NCA also pushes social boundaries in pursuing and spreading their mission of female empowerment through dance. Through means of theatre and dance they want to express and communicate the message that women in Cambodia should no longer accept their underprivileged position in general and the violence used against them in particular. NCA challenges the current perception of Cambodian art, women and their roles in society. Being a part of NCA has transformed the dancers’ lives by helping them escape a future of poverty, forced labor, arranged marriage and violence. NCA wants to reach out with this transformative message to a wide audience of impoverished women across the countryside and show them that women can be strong and make their own choices, just like the dancers did.

Choreography by visiting artist Ellen Steinmuller in collaboration with the dancers and in consultation with NCA’s artistic director Bob Ruijzendaal. In their perfor- mance, the dancers explore what it takes to break out of abusive structures and turn pain into power. This piece is designed to inspire a change in perception of women’s role in society by pushing the current boundaries of female artistic expression.

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