Where do I belong?


Project Title: Where do I belong? by Hem Vanna, Genre: Short Film

A short film depicting the experience of a transgender woman who rises above discrimination through Apsara dance.

Artist: HEM Vanna

HEM Vanna is a documentary filmmaker based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
His experience includes three years working at the NGO Support Children and Young People, where he trained young reporters and helped them produce films on social issues, particularly those affecting youth. Later he worked as film coordinator for Meta-House, the German cultural center in Phnom Penh. More recently, he has re- searched the situation of transgender women in Cambodia. In 2012, his film ‘Lives Un- der the Red Light’ was officially selected for the Aperture Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia, the Singapore Film Festival, and the Japan Visual Art Film Documentary Festival. Vanna’s film ‘Karma’ (2014) is about the lives of two lady-boy sex workers in Phnom Penh who face sexual violence and ignorance from society.


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